Brief Introduction: I am a mental health professional since 2011, with a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Calcutta. I offer counselling services, art based therapy, support group activity organisation, psycho-education, and conduct workshops in academic and professional institutions for mental health awareness under the banner of Feeling & Healing, a mental health and wellness centre. I also work as a  Special Educator with children with developmental disabilities and behavioral problems. I am also serving as a Health Wellness Counselor and Psychology teacher in a CBSE school in Kolkata.I have been an active social worker attached to Rotary club and other social development organisations, aiming to bring about behavioral changes in areas of education, self protection and prevention of early marriage among young girls . I thrive to develop sustainable living for adults with special needs.

Current profession: Consultant Psychologist, Special Educator, Academician and Art-based Therapist 

Future goals/aspirations:   My goal has always been to spread mental health awareness in people. I want to render quality mental health services to people of Kolkata through my organisation Feeling & Healing. In the coming few years I also want to extend this service to people living in the districts and in remote parts of the state.

Education: Ph.D (Psychology), Diploma in Special Education, Bachelor of Education, Professional certification in Psychiatric Counselling, Art Based Therapy and Solution Focused Brief Therapy.

Favourite Musician (s): Can’t mention one, but am fond of Indian semi classical music.

Favourite Movie (s): Piku, itslike my soul movie, I can watch it on loop 

Favorite Actor (s): Jack Nicholson, Manoj Bajpayee (too many to mention actually)

Favorite cities/places: The whole of Kerala, I am in love with the place.

Favorite cuisine/food: Boiled rice, potato and eggs with salt and butter