Mrs World Nicole Brink
August 10, 2019
Lisa Christie
August 11, 2019

What’s your current profession? President/Founder of Elite Connections International 
I’m a professional matchmaker

Do you have a website?

What are your top 3 achievements?
Being the mother of 2 great children. Saving a life.  Helping catch a serial murderer.
#4 Making a happy and successful life. I left an abusive relationship early in life and have a fabulous life
and start/run a successful company.

Tell us about your educational background?
A small amount of college. I learned everything I know from life.

Tell us more about your family, with whom you are closest?
I’m married to a wonderful man named Bill that I met through a matchmaker 25 years ago. My daughter is my best friend. She’s worked with me in my matchmaking agency for 20 years and is a fabulous mother.To two amazing boys.  My son lives in New Mexico with my granddaughters. I’m very close to my Aunt Linda.

What kind of modeling/spokesperson projects have you done?
I’ve spoken at self-help classes for single people. A lot of TV and radio 

What kind of philanthropic/fundraising work have you done?
This year will be our 20th annual fundraiser called Party With A Purpose. We host a holiday black tie event each year. With the proceeds we host Christmas parties for needy children in the Los Angeles area that would not have Christmas without us. Our goal is to give the children the best Christmas they’ve ever had. The last six years we’ve gone to Safe Place For Youth to help homeless children. Most were around 12-18. We received awards from the city of El Monte for helping MacLarens Children’s Center. It was an award for the best Christmas parties they’d ever had. They’d been there since the 50’s. My two favorite places to help were Florence Critteten and MacLaren. They were both closed due to state budget cuts. It didn’t even make the papers. Many of those children that lived in those places ended up on the streets and are dead. It’s a fact… very sad.

What are your favorite platforms or which charitable organizations you admire most?
I don’t have a favorite. Anyone that’s helping children or animals is ok in my book.

What’s your dream job?
I work at it every day.

Who is your favorite role model?
My aunt Linda. She had a rough start too and I always thought if she could find a way to make a great life, I could too. I just made more mistakes than she did.

Ten years from now where do you see yourself?
Having more employees that can take over and I can spend time with my grandchildren.

Fun Stuff:
My husband and I are going to Canada for my birthday this year.  We’ve traveled all over the world together and always have fun.

Favorite Book (s): The 4 Agreements
Favorite Musician (s): Adele
Favorite Movie (s): Pay it forward
Favorite Actor (s): Angelina Jolie – because she’s used her money to help people.
Favorite Sport (s): Skiing, Tennis
Favorite TV Show (s): Handmaids Tale
Favorite Place (s): The Mountains with snow
Favorite Restaurant (s): Carnival

Do you have any pets?
Ive always had two dogs but now I’m down to a black cat.