What is your current profession?
I am an Author, Speaker and Life Coach. I also refer to myself as an Emotional healer because I help people to deal with their hardships such as overcoming childhood abuse and dealing with grief.

Do you have a website?
Yes, www.micheleshannon.com

What are your top achievements?
I have been blessed to have many successes in my life. 1. Most important is to have raised two beautiful children, and have established a wonderful relationship with my husband. 2.I have written a book, “Child of the Universe” a profound work about my journey overcoming childhood abuse. 3.Becoming a Certified Life Coach. 4. Held the title of Mrs.Indiana United States 2001 (slipped an extra one in there for you)
What is your educational background? CCF- Certified Coaches Federation, I am a Certified Life Coach. People learn in many different ways, I am for the most part self taught. I spent many years involved in research in Self- Help and Christian Studies. Ohio State School of Cosmetology (1976) and became a licensed cosmetology in four states.

Tell us about your family, with whom are you closest?
I am “just married” we got married this past summer and I am closest to my husband Mark. Our best times are the week-ends we spend away on the lake at our boat in the summers. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me besides my children and I am very close to both my Son and Daughter as well. I have two Step Children and a Step Grandchild as well so I am beginning to establish new relationships with them as well.

Do you have any interest in politics?
I pay attention to what is going on much more than I used to. I have no interest in getting involved in politics.

What kind of Modeling/Spokesperson projects have you done?
When I did pageants there were many opportunities to do both. I am a better spokes person than model because I am such a people person and a natural born sales person, it is a better use of my skills. I don’t get off on sitting around trying to look pretty, although my earliest memory is having my picture taken, my Dad was a photographer, he often took my picture and I loved it. (Maybe I like it more that I realize.)
What kind of philanthropic/fund raising projects have you done? I believe giving back is important and have spent many years involved in various projects. My number one cause is Prevent Child Abuse America, I was president of my county council of this organization. I have helped in efforts that “Support Our Troops”. I was a Sunday School Teacher at my church.

What is your dream job?
I finally realized my dream job, my late in life career and it is a wonderful feeling to be doing something I love and have a passion for! My dream job is being an Author and Life Coach, to share my life experience and what I have learned from them and the research I have done. To be helping others and touching people’s lives is very rewarding!

Who is your favorite role model?
I almost did not want to answer this because it is not the answer people usually give or want to hear but all the more reason, answer and be real. Mary the Mother of Jesus, too many churches discount her and her importance but she sets the best example of a Christian women and I am very grateful to her for this. There is no other role model that compares for women. I think about her every day.

Ten years from now where do your see yourself?
Ten years from now I will be sixty three, I believe I will be enjoying a strong sense of accomplishment over my work. I believe I will continue to be busy with my Life Coaching. By then I will have completed my Trilogy of three books and I believe these books are each profound enough that I will have an established a strong following of readers around the world.

Fun Stuff:

Favorite Book:
“The Purpose Drive Life” by Rick Warren My Book: “Child of the Universe” by Michele Shannon

Favorite Actor:
Armand Assante!!!

Favorite Movie:
“Down with Love”

Favorite Vocalist:
Michael Buble

Favorite Sport:
Shopping (I do “work- out” if that counts)

Favorite Place:
Paris, although I have never been there