I am Tushita Chaudhuri, a finalist in Mrs. Asia Great Britain 2024, where I won two separate title Mrs. Glamorous Silver Crown and Mrs. Fitness Gold Crown.
In my word 
‘Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be’. We can’t change the past but, we can learn from it to shape our future.
My journey from India to England over 18 years ago highlights my resilience and determination. I have dedicated myself to volunteer work, fundraising for Macmillan’s Cancer Trust, and working in the Civil Service and Healthcare Service, showing my commitment to helping others.Balancing motherhood and a career, while prioritizing self-care through gym workouts and Reiki, demonstrates my strength and perseverance. My response to the 2005 Delhi terrorist attack and recognition from the All-India Medical Institute of Sciences showcase my compassion in times of crisis.
My blend of Indian heritage and British culture has shaped me into a compassionate and determined individual. 
I aim to inspire others with my message of never giving up on dreams and ambitions, symbolized by 
“Ain’t no mountain high enough.” 
I continue to lead by example, raising funds and awareness for mental health and women’s well-being.

Current profession:  Home Office (civil servant) & Modelling 

Future goals/aspirations:  
Having won the Mrs. Glamorous Silver Crown and Mrs. Fitness Gold Crown in the Mrs. Asia Great Britain 2024 pageant, my future goals include: Advocacy for Mental Health and Women’s Well-being: I will continue to raise funds and awareness for mental health and women’s well-being, using my platform to support these crucial issues. Community Engagement: Expanding my volunteer work and charitable efforts, particularly focusing on organizations like Samaritans and Macmillan’s Cancer Trust. Inspiring Others: Through public speaking and community involvement, I aim to inspire others to pursue their dreams and maintain resilience in the face of challenges. Personal Growth: Continuing my journey of self-care and personal development through fitness and practices like Reiki, ensuring I remain strong and balanced to support others. Cultural Ambassador: Promoting a fusion of Indian and British cultures, fostering understanding and unity within the diverse communities I am part of.

What’s your dream job?  1. Public Speaking and Advocacy: Engage in public speaking events, seminars, and conferences to raise awareness and educate communities about mental health and women’s issues.
2. Non-Profit Leadership: Lead or establish a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting mental health initiatives and women’s empowerment programs
3. Mentorship and Coaching: Mentor young women and aspiring leaders, helping them navigate their personal and professional journeys with confidence and resilienc

Favourite role model (s): sushmita sen & Priyanka chopra

Favourite Musician (s):  sufi, Indian, r& b and many more 

Favorite Actor (s): Madhuri Dixit, madhubala, Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie, Kate Winslet 

Favorite cities/places: my favourite city New Delhi, Greece, San Francisco, Japan 

Favorite cuisine/food: Thai, Italian, Mexican, Indian High Protein Diet, Indian street food, Vietnamese .