Dr Tracy Kemble
August 15, 2019
Sreetama Bakshi Sen
November 3, 2023

I am a medical student at University of Central Florida and current titleholder of Miss India USA.  I recently graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in healthcare management and finance from the Wharton School of Business.  It has been my dream to go into medicine and during my time at Aravind Eye Hospitals I discovered my passion for improving global access to healthcare, something which I hope to work towards as I progress through my career.

Current profession:

Medical Student and Miss India USA

Do you have a website?


What are your top 3 achievements?
1) Becoming a doctor 2) Becoming Miss India USA 3) Performing my Bharatanatyum Arangetarum (Graduation)

Your family:

I grew up with my parents and younger brother.  Both my parents are doctors, which is where I got my initial interest in the field.  Most of my extended family are in India, thus we love to go back and visit all of them.

Favorite platforms/causes:
My favorite cause is Ronald McDonald House, Aravind Eye Hospitals, and United Way Worldwide

Ten years from now where do you see yourself?
Traveling, teaching, speaking, and treating patients.  I hope to become a doctor and keep up my work with empowering women and improving healthcare.

How do you maintain work and life balance?
Medical school definitely makes work/life balance difficult.  However, I have been able to maintain it through fitness classes that do not let you ditch (orange theory) and friends who are willing to destress and take study breaks together.  

If you are asked to be a contributing author for Inspirational Ladies, which topics you can write about?
Doing more than just medicine, empowering younger women, inspiring future doctors, and inspiring the younger generation.  

Fun stuff:
I love traveling and exploring new cities.  I have been dancing since I was six years old and even joined dance teams in college to continue and build my skills.  I love watching Bollywood movies (old and new) with family. 

Favorite Book (s):
The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

Favorite Musician (s):

Maroon 5, Sam Hunt, Ariana Grande, Arijit Singh, and Beyonce

Favorite Movie (s):

Titanic, The Notebook, Frozen, and Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham

Favorite Sport (s):
Dancing (yes it counts!) and tennis

Favorite Athlete (s):
Serena Williams

Favorite TV Show (s):
Friends, Grey’s anatomy, and Full House

Favorite Place (s):
Paris, New York City, Miami, and San Francisco

Favorite Website (s):

New York Times, Pinterest, and CNN 

Favorite Restaurant (s):

Cheesecake factory, Copabanana in Philadelphia, Lady Mendls in NYC, and Khar Gym Khana in Bombay, 

Do you have any pets?
I actually am terrified of dogs, think they’re super cute, but have an irrational fear of them.