Dr Tracy Kemble
August 15, 2019
Nikki Gal
April 12, 2024

My current profession is the Creator of Gemma Magazine.  It is an online magazine that features fashion and style and profiles fashion designers. I’m obsessed with designers and where they get their ideas from. We do cover an immense amount of fashion trends — from Haute Couture to Street Style.  Sometimes, we cover additional artists as well in film or music. Gemma Magazine is about giving artists a voice to tell their story. The ups and downs and their path overall. Personally, I am inspired by artists and their stories. I love to receive their information in order to feature them or, sometimes, I reach out directly.  Once a story really captures me then I feature the particular artist in a “q and a.” I also do alot of promoting, which is something I truly enjoy: Before the feature, during, and after.
2. My future goals/aspirations are for Gemma Magazine to grow. I want viewers to look forward to my fashion stories and see that it is not generic fashion. I want to create and write additional features that are inspiring and ones where people can learn something from. I actually love to profile designers and learn where their inspiration derives. Sometimes, all it takes is reading about the path of another person in order to feel motivated and take that next step — artist or not.I also want to become involved in a nonprofit organization that helps young girls with their confidence. I feel this is so important and necessary in our world today. Young girls are bombarded by social media and they need to know that they are “more than enough” by being themselves. Lastly, even though my kids are older, I still want to be a good mom and improve upon that daily.
3. My dream job would be to take Gemma to a whole new level.  It would be incredible in terms of the apparel you are exposed to, the people you meet, the events that are covered, and the learning curve is endless. For me, there is nothing quite like a runway show. It’s exciting and you see the amount of work that the designer has put into their creations. Yes, it is entertainment but if you look at the crowd during a show, the audience is usually mesmerized. Therefore, my dream job would involve a lot of what I am doing now but on a much grander scale.

Education: I graduated High School in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (where I am from). Then I moved to Los Angeles for college. I attended the University of SOuthern California and graduated in three years. I was super focused but looking back, I wish I had taken it a bit slower. 

My favorite role model is Angelina Jolie. Not only is she an incredibly talented actress but she devotes so much time to her humanitarian work, which is amazing. She cares about people and human suffering and genuinely wants to make a change. She is most noted for her advocacy on behalf of refugees. She is also a mother to six children. I thought she was amazing in “Girl Interrupted.” She takes on brave roles and always tells a great story through the character she is playing.

My favorite Musician is Lenny Kravitz. He just seems to work from his soul and organically, versus what he thinks people may want to hear. He’s also insanely talented and has an incredible sense of style.I love to watch him on the red carpet at Award Shows. 

Favorite Movie – Believe it or not, “Meet the Parents.” It hits close to home (I’m sure for alot of people) and I still laugh every time I see it.I think I crave comedies because it is such a release!So much empathy for Ben Stiller in that film, lol.

Favorite Actors – Robert DeNiro, Idris Elba, Charlize Theron, Owen Wilson, Angela Bassett,and Dustin Hoffman. There are So many more but these four stand out to me. They all have wonderful range and are truly iconic. 

Favorite city/places: Los Angeles, NYC, and Boston. My daughter currently attends college in Boston and I have come to fall in love with the city. The architecture and the history is super inspiring. The food is delicious and the entire city vibe is fabulous! I love that you walk everywhere.

My favorite food is coffee…just kidding! However, the Urth Caffe has an incredible Spanish latte. At the moment, I cannot pass up Mexican food. Shrimp tacos are incredible when made in an interesting manner.There has to be a twist. You can see I think about this.

I absolutely love animals, especially dogs. I have a boxer named Kona and she just seems to make everything in life a bit sweeter.